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Stuck in a motel, no place to go, running out of money, collect food stamps and SSD........

Anonymous started this conversation
What do I do?? How can I get help and my credit is bad? I am really close to becoming homeless.  I collect SSD and I need an apartment, the trouble is I can't afford to pay the security/deposit due to the fact that I'm staying in a hotel. I'm in Miami, and I'm desperate!! I'm so afraid of being so close to living on the streets.   Anyone has any advice or information?  Please help!! 
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Has your husband passed out flyers for his work, gone to apartment managers for the number of property owners and also out here Ace Hardware has people not working for them but handyman I have used giving me their cards..Advertise in and i think it would be services. Look at that site as a friend advertises for his own biz doing electrical wiring.. If I can catch him I can get more precise information..Good luck.
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 in response to ...   did you ever get the help you needed?
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Thank you all for your suggestions. It's good to know that there are people who are concerned about others still existing in this world. Well I've been blessed and someone from a church allowed my husband and I to move into a 2drm/1bth without a security deposit and no money down, and a reasonable amount monthly. I am so grateful to God for this. Things are going good and now all we have to do is pray for work for him. He does painting, laying carpet, drywall...renovation, and he's very talented and a hardworker. We are in Miami, Florida so if anyone needs an employee, please feel free to inquire. Thanks to you all...
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Hey been there and doing that except one thing be persistant, look on craigslist, and think about getting a reliable roommate, people are allways wanting to share.

Prayer helps too and there are local agencies willing to help with deposit and rent, goto food banks, and be humble, churches help too, plus their is low income rent for people with disabilities that goes bye your income.  I get up early and check the newspaper, I drive around sides streets and look for rent sighns I write down the number and call and I pray some more finaly I am getting a whole house to rent near stores and parks. Have faith and don't give up!

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highway sailcat

Your not in the right state and when you get SSDI Leave the state or they will make your life hell homeless people are outcast just like the outcast people in india.

Maybe you will get lucky and they will just forget you.

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You are very much welcome and check my blog for other information good luck

keep in touch..

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 in response to Starshine...   Thank you and i will use these resources.
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Look on line classifieds ie for a someone who wants a roomate and there are many others out there too ,, 

try and I have to look for roomate too..

try your local housing authority and or hud and they have a list of affordable housing but best bet find a roomate..

call 211 and write your reps and congress people...

take care


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 in response to Therese2...   Most of the programs that I have tried require you to have children and i don't have any, no I haven't tried Social security....DUH!!!!  LOL!!  Thank you and I will cal them and ask !
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Have you tried going to Social Security and asking if there was any program's out there to help or agencies? What about the Housing authority or Depart of Social Service's? They cant help out at all? Just a thought.


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